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Embers   by   We Are Temporary

We Are Temporary - Embers




  1. Universe (video)
  2. Candy
  3. Polyamory
  4. You Must Have Known
  5. Winter (video)
  6. Animals
  7. Earth
  8. Echoes
  9. Medication
  10. Shadows (video)
  11. Heaven

We Are Temporary







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We Are Temporary is the wired and weird brainchild of Brooklyn’s Mark Roberts. Signed to Germany’s cult label Trisol, his distinct style of contemporary darkwave is as much the result of a musical obsession as a philosophical one. With boldly confessional lyrics and vocal deliveries funneled through nightfall beats and orchestral synths, We Are Temporary draws from a wide range of influences, such as #goth,  #pop,  #future wave,  #witch house,  #dream pop, #post-rock, #industrial, #hip hop, #ambient, #techno, and #classical music.

Featured in outlets such as #Billboard, #Noisey#Paper, #Refinery29, #Complex, #Orkus and many more, his sound and production sensibilities have been compared to bands like #Fever Ray, #Gazelle Twin, #Crystal Castles, #M83, and “#Depeche Mode at their most raw”.

Since We Are Temporary’s 2013 debut Afterthoughts EP, Roberts has been a whirlwind of activity, releasing a song in memory of #Eric Garner that premiered with a lengthy interview in The Village Voice, covering Lana Del Rey’s “Gods & Monsters”, and creating remixes of and for artists as diverse as #Kesha, #ASP, #Empathy Test, #Kelela, and #Mark Stoermer of #The Killers.

In 2016, We Are Temporary released his debut album Crossing Over, had his music featured in the pilot episode of FOX‘s hit-show Lethal Weapon, toured #Germany, saw his Kesha remix go viral with high-profile coverage in #Billboard#Paper, and #Refinery 29, and performed at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig.

In addition to a slot at Amphi Festival 2017 in Germany, We Are Temporary just returned from a second #European Tour in the spring of 2017, joining Project Pitchfork as their official support. He’s also opened for bands like #Haujobb, #Assemblage23, #Nachtmahr, #V2A, and #Kite.

We Are Temporary is currently putting the finishing touches on his new album for Trisol. A DigiPak #CD release of Crossing Over is now available via Trisol Music Group.


We Are Temporary - Crossing Over (Album Cover)

We Are Temporary
Crossing Over
(Debut Album)

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We Are Temporary
Who’s Going To Love Me Now?
(Single + B-side)

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Die Young
(We Are Temporary remix)

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Lana Del Rey
Gods & Monsters
(We Are Temporary Cover)

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A Message
(We Are Temporary Remix)

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Empathy Test
Here Is The Place
(We Are Temporary Remix)

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Ruane Maurice
(We Are Temporary Remix)

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We Are Temporary

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Black City Lights
(We Are Temporary Remix)

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We Are Temporary
Machine Love (feat. Misfit Mod)

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Maceo Plex
Conjure Dreams
(We Are Temporary Remix)



Bart Skills
For Your Eyes
(We Are Temporary Remix)


Tour Dates

Upcoming 2018

🇩🇪 03/15 — #Frankfurt, Das Bett  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 03/16 — #Frankfurt, Das Bett  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 03/23 — #Dresden, Alter Schlachthof  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 03/24 — #Erfurt, Stadtgarten  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/05 — #Munich, Backstage  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/06 — #Stuttgar, Clubcann  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/13 — #Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/14 — #Hamburg, Markthalle  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour

For tickets visit www.project-pitchfork.eu



Past Shows

🇩🇪 07/22-23 — #Amphi Festival 2017, Germany
 02/23 — #Vienna, AU w/ #Red Mecca
🇩🇪 02/24 — #Leipzig, Absintherie Sixtina w/ #Red Mecca
🇩🇪 02/25 — #Dresden, Der Bunker w/ #Haujobb, Red Mecca
 03/01 — #Svendborg, Spillestedet Harder’s w/ TBA
🇩🇪 03/02 — #Bremen, Aladin w/ #Nachtmahr
🇩🇪 03/09 — #Wiesbaden, Sabot w/ TBA
🇳🇱 03/17 — #The Hague, De Vinger w/TBA
🇩🇪 03/18 — #Hamburg, KIR w/ TBA
🇩🇪 03/24 — #Potsdam, Waschhaus  w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 03/25 — #Glauchau, Alte Spinnerei w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/06 — #Oberhausen, Kulttempel w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/07 — #Mannheim, MS Connexion w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/08 — #Augsburg, Kantine w/ #Project Pitchfork Tour
🇩🇪 04/13 — #Darmstadt, Goldene Krone
🇮🇹 04/14 — #Rome, MetaMorfosi Alternative Club
🇮🇹 04/15 — #Turin, This is Gotham City / CaféLiber ArciClub
🇮🇹 04/16 — #Riccione, Moonlight Festival / Psychedelic Vampire

🇺🇸 11/05 — Brooklyn w/ Aeon Rings, A Place Both Wonderful and Strange
🇺🇸 10/12 — Dauntless Media Showcase, Brooklyn
🇺🇸 10/01 — Cybertron, NYC w/ #Assemblage 23
🇺🇸 8/31 — Nü Goth Party, Bossa Nova, Brooklyn w/ Qualitatik
🇺🇸 8/31 — Nü Goth Party, Brooklyn w/ Qualitatik
🇺🇸 8/12 — QXTs, Newark, NJ w/ Skeleton Hands
🇺🇸 7/24 — (Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC w/ #Kite
🇺🇸 6/11 — Northside Festival, Brooklyn
🇩🇪 5/28 — Oben Festival, Kassel
🇩🇪 5/24 — LWL Museum, Muenster w/ Downtown Boys
🇩🇪 5/21 — Private Show, Dresden
🇩🇪 5/20 — Private Show, Jena
🇩🇪 5/19 — Sabot, Wiesbaden w/ Beinhaus
🇩🇪 5/14 — Wave Gotik Treffen, Stadtbad, Leipzig
🇩🇪 5/12 — Das Bett, Frankfurt w/ #Legendary Pink Dots
🇩🇪 5/11 — The Clearing Barrel, Kaiserslautern
🇺🇸 3/25 — Matchless, Brooklyn w/ Hello Phones
🇺🇸 2/25 — Quenchers Saloon, Chicago, IL w/ Axxons
🇺🇸 11/20 — Berlin NYC, Pyramid Club, NYC
🇺🇸 10/14 — Nothing Changes, NYC w/ Honeychild Coleman
🇺🇸 10/10 — Cybertron & Stimulate NYC w/ #Aesthetic Perfection
🇺🇸 11/20 — Splice Equinox Edition, Solas, NYC
🇺🇸 8/21 — Berlin NYC, Pyramid Club, NYC
🇺🇸 7/28 — Bowery Electric, NYC w/ Autodrone
🇺🇸 6/20 — Mermaid Parade Party, Brooklyn w/ Culttastic
🇺🇸 4/14 — Palisades, Brooklyn w/ Decorum
🇺🇸 4/04 — Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Crystal Ghost
🇺🇸 2/18 — Forward Ferguson, JACK Theater, Brooklyn
🇺🇸 2/06 — Trans Pecos, Queens w/ Wolvves
🇺🇸 2/02 — Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn w/ Aeon Rings
🇺🇸 10/09 — CBGB Music Festival, NYC
🇺🇸 6/24 — Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn w/ Ponyhof
🇺🇸 6/02 — Glasslands, Brooklyn w/ Boulevards



“An eerie number”
Billboard Magazine

“Melancholic, witch-housey”
PAPER Magazine

“Hard to stomach, but absolutely necessary… provocative, dark and designed to make the listener uncomfortable”

“Haunting… a lot darker and weirder, but no less anthemic”
Refinery 29

“Stunning… throbbing with sultry passion”
Gold Flake Paint

“Provokes feelings of mortality and melancholy… heartbreaking and deeply troubling”
— Cuepoint

“This is music that despite being very pretty at times, is not for the faint of heart”
— Bitcandy

“Catchy electronic pop”
Brooklyn Vegan

“Confessional lyrics and vocal deliveries funneled through nightfall beats and orchestral synths”
Northern Transmissions

“A grand, cinematic expanse”

“Lyrics like old love notes… smeared like tears on running eye-liner”
Impose Magazine

“An incredible release that everyone should check out”

“Stark electronica with a very vulnerable human heart”

“A sense of epic, but touching greatness”
Deer Du Bois

“As unsettling as it is engrossing… an almost nightmarish trip… hints at the transitional state between waking and sleeping”

“From the melancholy state of feeling into the lightest spheres of new beginnings… You simply must have experienced this kind of music for yourself”
Orkus Magazin

“Otherworldly and downright gritty”
Under The Radar

“A spacey mix of dark-wave and electronic goth that’s heavy on atmospherics, with effects that sound as if they might just evaporate like paint thinner”
The Village Voice

“Industrial drum machine funk and emotional new wave/goth-styled vocals”
The 405

“Riding high on the latest single”

“Dark and unsettling yet hauntingly beautiful… lingers long after you’ve played it”
The Joy of Violent Movement

“The polarity that you only find in real, true, striking beauty and that makes the project so intriguing”
IX Daily

“A project dedicated to expressing uncomfortable truths through music”
Milk Crater

“Haunting, mesmerizing, magical… the result is simply overwhelming.”
Against the Odds

“One of the most real artists you will ever have the pleasure to experience”
Floorshime Blog


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